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The Parlor

{the journey}

A behind the scenes look at the process behind re-designing Twin Gable's Parlor Room Each week we will highlight one room of our Historic Renovation project at Twin Gables Guest House in Woodstock. This week, we bring you "The Parlor" as it has been lovingly referred to for 94 years. The Parlor is the main common area when you walk in the front door of the inn, directly to your right. It has two large windows facing Tinker Street, a fireplace, and several seating areas for our guests to enjoy. We have fully stocked the bookshelves and game trunks in addition to adding a record player with select albums, and stools with a chess table to play at your leisure. When we first acquired the inn, the parlor had not been updated in decades. We love a good Granny Chic aesthetic, but upon closer examination, the wallpaper was discolored and furnishings were threadbare so it was time to revitalize and modernize. Here's our visual depiction of the transformation: {concept}

From our very first visit to Twin Gables, I started redesigning the space in my imagination well before we made an offer to purchase! I knew the history of the hotel (an artists' guest house during the Byrdcliffe Colony heydays) and wanted the new design to reflect its heritage as a each room has a piece of art (or two) as a focal point and palette inspiration. {before}


The first order of business was to paint the fireplace and mantle a charcoal color. We used Graphite by Annie Sloan. After discussing the wall covering with our General Contractor, we decided to keep the plaster walls in tact and paint over the existing Chintz wallpaper. It was not ideal but allowed for preservation of the historic walls. We used a technique that added texture to the paper to give it a "gesso" look. We chose Pure by Annie Sloan. Lastly, the ceiling needed an update also and we wanted something mellow and moody. We painted it Aubusson Blue by Annie Sloan. We hand selected art pieces from Italy (ceramic leopard statues) and Salt Lake City (Jimi Hendrix on metal) and Montclair (Marie Saint Victor's face paintings) to give the parlor some life and color. We hope it tells a story about us...we love expressive art and color and we enjoy a bit of whimsy while we honor the legacy of Woodstock. We sourced contract grade sustainable furnishings that would last for years to come and we donated all of the older pieces that still had life in them. Family of Woodstock and Habitat for Humanity both received truck fulls of goods during our renovation! It felt good having the opportunity to provide for others as we transitioned to a more modern look for our guests. {after} Here are some of Krisztina Crane's images of the finished look:

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us to experience the vibe yourself. Thanks for reading, Azie

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