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The Gables: The Owner's Quarters

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

{the journey}

Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


If you haven't been able to find rooms 8 and 9, that's because they were originally up in The Gables! For a long time the two rooms were used for storage, which was such a shame! With our current renovations, both dormant Gables rooms were completely gutted and rebuilt with brand new windows, ceilings + walls. We also added (gasp!) electricity.

The overall intention was to bring a moment of peace to the colorful house filling space with a ton of natural light. The energy in the gables is like no other, and deserves to be experienced!



This post features 'The Owner's Quarters" Gable on the left side of the house (if you're looking from the street view). The Gables have been many things, but for a time it hosted the owners who lived on site, which is what inspired the name for the room. To most effectively accomplish the spacious, open feeling to the room, we painted the walls and floors white, and brought in soft, luxurious pieces. We especially love the low profile bed and the hammock hanging in the front window.

Also included in this post is a view of the center area between each Gables Room. While the space itself isn't very large, we wanted to make it a comfy - retro style space that still left a mark. To do so we painted the space white, added a custom made Twin Gables floor mat, added some seating and featured the vintage television set as somewhat of a side table (that was actually already up in storage in the gables)! You can see a moment of this in the last 'after' image.


The gorgeous images Krisztina Crane captured:

Follow along next week to see the next transformation at our inn in Woodstock! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us at Twin Gables of Woodstock in the Catskills to experience the vibe yourself.

Thank you for reading,


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