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Chinoiserie Inspiration

We are in the process of renovating and redesigning a historic boutique hotel in Woodstock, NY and in doing so I have had the opportunity to really play with Annie Sloan products.

When I designed this particular suite, I knew I wanted a Chinoiserie painted dresser. The room aesthetic is inspired by this RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous antique Persian rug I sourced:

How lovely is that Antique Persian rug? Soft tangerine and dark navy blue!

I found Jacobean style drapery panels online in a color way that has a “ginger jar” feel to them, and wanted the dresser to play it up. Luckily, I found a stencil that made it a quick and easy project to complete.

We base-coated the existing antique wood dresser (looked good from far away but needed love close up!) in Pure White Chalk Paint, then stenciled in Napoleonic Blue and sealed with Clear Wax. The original hardware got a quick pass of Gold Gilding Wax. We LOVE how it looks!

Pretty painted dresser!

We are still updating the suite and then will take some professional photos but until then, we are loving the way it’s transformed! Take a look at a Before here:


AFTER (ok really DURING as we are still working on a few things)

We can’t wait to use this stencil again…maybe on a wall next time to create a faux wallpaper. Here are a couple other Chinoiserie inspirations I found online:

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