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Black Wax & Dark Wax: Staining Wood

Since Black Wax was announced, we have had several customers request demos (which we will gladly and freely provide in our shops) regarding the difference between the two so we quickly created this Facebook video to hopefully answer questions about using the two waxes as a wood stain. Watch our video here.

Raw wood is really beautiful stained with Annie Sloan Wax – even the new White Wax creates a gorgeous “limed” effect when used over raw. Many of our clients love the “Restoration Hardware” look of Burnt Oak so we also can achieve that with layering paints and waxes. Come by our shops – 182 Glenridge Ave in Montclair NJ or 122 E 7th St in Manhattan NY – to see how!

The Black and Dark Waxes also look beautiful directly applied to Annie Sloan paint – here is an example of a custom finish we created for a client who was coordinating her furnishings with her textile selection:

Find your local Chalk Paint (r) Stockist here.

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