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Here's a little story I like to tell...

If you’ve found me on Etsy then you’ve already read all about {verdigreen}’s humble beginnings…but for those who haven’t, here’s my #TBT #throwbackthursday story share:

BIO: My name is Azie and I was a traveling housewife. Hubs moved us around chasin’ his career. Our last home was in Atlanta, where we resided in the Design District with our two baby boys, Hunter and Kingston, and our rescued pup, Junior the Dog. We moved back up to NY, found the sweetest small town called Montclair to settle down in & are excitedly adding to our collection of memories & vintage finds. Our newest baby is our showroom and studio we opened in October 2013. Hurrah! Dream come true.CREATION: I spent most of my time the past 6 years choreographing dance routines to nursery rhymes. However when I stumbled upon a vintage find or a glaringly inspirational antique, I allowed my creativity to flow in other ways as I rehabbed furnishings to create a custom look. I’m whimsical…so expect fun twists and color combinations that mimic a daydream. I hand-select pieces that have stories to tell and I have a difficult time parting with each treasure. Now that the littles are just about both in school & our shop is open, I get to enjoy a lot more of my creative process and have partnered with other local artisans to showcase their talents. IT MATTERS: I love what I do. It makes me happy. It makes the Earth happy. And when Mama (Earth) is happy, everybody’s happy! THANK YOU: For supporting me in my endeavor to do something I love. Blog that I occasionally update but most often neglect:

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