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The Lexington Hotel Design Project

If you have been following along on Instagram and Facebook, then you know I have been working in NYC the past 5 months…designing and painting and creating magic with my partner Beth of our firm, fringe. We successfully transformed six signature suites at The Lexington Hotel into experiential stays for guests with personal connections, vignetted moments, and little stories throughout.

One of the coolest parts of the project was I was able to source products from vendors I met and built relationships with during Design on a Dime. Z Gallerie & Dowel Furniture both donated some beautiful pieces to me this year so I bought their products for the suites. Calligaris hosted the Kick-Off Party and I remembered seeing the St Tropez chairs in their showroom and swooning. You never know what your connections will lead to and that is such a satisfying part of this process for me. I also reached out to makers on Etsy and had items customized or vintage sellers for one of a kind pieces. That’s what really creates a story … the attention to detail down to the books on a coffee table or the art on the wall.

Another exiting accomplishment was suggesting they rebrand their existing “Gallery Suite” to the Hawaiian Room. They agreed to it! See why we chose it below.

It was such a cool project, amazing opportunity, and fun creative pursuit to transform standard hotel rooms into works of art. We even used Annie Sloan products in some of our designs! I gave you a sneak peek with this post, but here are all six suites, as photographed by the immensely talented Krisztina Crane. As for our Annie Sloan projects: The Godfrey Suite has a stenciled bedroom wall, The Hawaiian Room has a painted bedroom mural, The Hemingway Suite has a decoupaged letter in the drawer, The Conservatory Suite has a Dark Waxed table, painted Amsterdam Green doors, and a decoupaged botanical print in the desk in addition to a gold leafed stencil wall when you walk in! See if you can spot some of them below. In addition to designing the rooms, we wrote little descriptions that the media used also. It was a comprehensive project to say the least. Working with The Lexington Hotel was an absolute dream! We’d love to continue with hotel design and are currently manifesting our dreams.

Five of the six suites are below…the sixth gets its very own post…you will understand why when you see it! Hope you enjoy our work! We can’t wait to start our next project.

We were mentioned in some interviews already…will link them here when I get a more comprehensive list.


The Godfrey Suite

The famed Arthur Godfrey, a legendary American radio & television broadcaster, inspired the design of this luxurious entertainer’s suite. The Manhattan native broadcasted his successful radio show live from the hotel’s infamous Hawaiian Room. The Godfrey Suite is larger than life, like its predecessor, and offers an authentic look into the legacy he left behind. A retro bar and full dining room with lounge make this space perfect for hosting a cocktail party or family dinner alike. The suite’s master bedroom decor pays homage to his time in the Air Force & induction in the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Some notable items in the room:

  • Vintage Brutalist blown glass barware

  • Luxe custom velvet and brass barstools

  • Marble & chrome dining table

  • Authentic vintage Arthur Godfrey memorabilia including several of his recordings and magazine ads

  • Custom “On Air” sign and vintage microphone

  • Mid Century Modern Walnut Headboard

  • Art Deco Stained Glass Mirror

  • Brass Airplane Propeller Sculpture

  • Textiles: luxe, velvet, masculine

  • Colors: midnight, mustard, brass, chrome

  • Mood: Lounge

Lady Ella Suite

The Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, inspired the glam, soulful design of our Ella Suite. The Lexington Hotel was built during the Golden Age of Jazz in NYC, when Ella made her debut at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Known for her sultry smooth voice, ability to transcend expectations by appealing to all audiences, and her civil rights activism, Ella’s reach went beyond that of an entertainer. We paid homage to her illustrious career and cultural impact by creating a harmonious juxtaposition between her glamorous persona and her humble musical beginnings on the streets of New York.

Some notable items in the room:

  • Art Deco scalloped wallpaper

  • Authentic Ella Fitzgerald album cover art

  • Plum feathered tassel accents

  • Oversized satin fan

  • Custom feather motif shimmery throw pillows

  • Polished brass “Ella” coffee table

  • Glass and marble Art Deco lamps

  • Mirrored finishes to simulate the look of a vanity

  • Oversized photography of the First Lady of Song herself

  • Textiles: glam, velvet, sheen

  • Colors: fuchsia, gold, mirror, teal

  • Mood: Jazzy

The Hawaiian Room

The Hawaiian Room, an entertainment venue at The Lexington Hotel (1937-1966), was a tropical escape in the heart of New York City. Hundreds of dancers, singers and musicians were recruited from the big island to share their native Hawaiian culture while guests enjoyed coconut cocktails and a chef-prepared Polynesian Luau. It was a beloved fixture at The Lexington for almost 30 years, so we honored it by designing a Suite inspired by Polynesian culture. As they say, “Aloha”(welcome) to your very own oasis.

Some notable items in the room:

  • “Melodies for Dancing from the Enchanted Islands” – an album of Polynesian songs recorded at The Hawaiian Room by the musicians that made it famous

  • Vintage Barware of the era including

  • Tiki Glasses & Cocktail Umbrellas

  • An authentic gourd drum and conch shell horn

  • Vintage woven palm leaf fans, customary at Luaus

  • Artwork made with natural found shells, handmade rice paper, and seaglass

  • A Hula girl statue made from lava rock

  • Rattan & bamboo with upscale, modern finishes such as gilding and lacquer

  • A woven hanging swing for the terrace

  • Textiles: natural, woven, textural

  • Colors: Ivory, gold, hibiscus, and wasabi

  • Mood: Oasis

The Conservatory Suite

The Lexington Hotel was built in 1929 by Schultze & Weaver, a world renowned architectural team responsible for many grand hotels of the Jazz Age. The Conservatory Suite commemorates our historic architectural heritage by celebrating the style of living space popular during its inception. Glass-walled conservatories were originally used as greenhouses but soon their atmospheric surroundings lent themselves to social gatherings. Watch the sun set over the Manhattan skyline from within your secret garden.

Some notable items in the room:

  • Hand-carved tropical hardwood bed in floral lotus theme

  • Set of Antique Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening from the late 1800s

  • Hanging English Zinc Chandelier with candles and moss

  • Topiary trees

  • Plan of Central Park from 1860, reprinted on canvas

  • Custom artwork made of preserved Queen Anne’s lace flowers pressed in glass

  • A vintage brass music holder

  • Sheet music books from 1929

  • Bespoke concrete wall hangings, tables & garden statuary

  • Textiles: black & white stripes, champagne silk, raw linen

  • Colors: White, black, gold, pine

  • Mood: Secret Garden

The Hemingway Suite

The Hemingway Suite is inspired by Ernest Hemingway, the Nobel & Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist with a propensity for adventure. He was well known not only as the author of many American Classics but also as an avid sailor and fisherman, journalist and war correspondent, and part-time resident of both Cuba and Key West. While he visited New York on several occasions for work, his public disdain for the big city may have been because he never felt truly at home here. With the Hemingway Suite, we channeled his essence to create a space Ernest would have enjoyed writing in with a large beautiful mahogany desk, tropical motifs and a terrace escape.

Some notable items in the room:

  • Vintage Typewriter

  • Mahogany Writers Desk

  • A collection of Hemingway's novels

  • Tropical banana leaf wallpaper from Versace

  • A Panama hat

  • A collection of vintage suitcases

  • Custom wall art vintage book installation

  • Cuban cigar box

  • A mini bar with his preferred beverages

  • Faux taxidermy

  • Compass, globe, and other sailing accoutrements

  • Textiles: natural, masculine, raw

  • Colors: palm green, hemp, walnut, spice

  • Mood: Explorer

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