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Annual Annie Sloan Training

Anytime Annie traverses the Atlantic to come to Greater New York, I make it a point to stop everything I am doing and visit with her!

I left the shop in Mollie’s capable hands, dropped the kids off with a dear friend at 7am, and drove 6 hours round trip (in a torrential downpour) but it was all worth it for some face time with my friend and mentor, Annie Sloan. 

 My heart is full and I’m so excited to share what she inspired. 

Both of our glasses our slightly askew. It was that kind of day. 

We did a little paint technique training, a lot of discussing marketing and new products (yay!) and some general feel-good catching up. One of my favorite lessons from Annie has been to celebrate our individuality, to be authentic and embrace our differences. I always leave from these mini retreats feeling ready to create magic! Annie was at the @countrylivingmag fair this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY! I hope you had a chance to visit with her and learn to embrace yourself and let go of inhibittins and just PAINT!

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