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Exterior + Front Door

{the journey}

Each week we will highlight one room of our Historic Renovation project at Twin Gables Guest House in Woodstock. This week, we bring you the exterior of our Victorian home and entrance. When we first fell in love with the inn, it was in dire need of a refresh. The yellow paint was faded and peeling (you can see this easily next to the front door in this photo below), the roof was a bit sad, and the architecture was not proudly on display as it should have been.



We wanted to give a nod to Woodstock's historical architectural look (white wood with black trim), while also incorporating a statement door in Firle Chalk Paint. {process}

Despite our love for color, when we first envisioned the update, we imagined a bright white building with black trim and a chartreuse front door. It's been a long road of rehab because the carpentry needed some love. Our local Woodstock contractor had to remove slats of the original siding to repair the rotting wood and rebuild. The roof was entirely replaced with black shingles. Once all the repairs were done and the new roof was on, we had the siding and windows scraped, primed and painted. We chose Moderne White paint for the house with Tricorn Black trim on the custom fascia. The gutters were installed in the same color of the exterior for aesthetics.

We tore down the entryway area because the wood was unstable and rebuilt it with the salvaged antique windows from the original archway. The last step was to paint the door chartreuse. We chose Annie Sloan's Firle with white and black details to make the entryway pop and provide a warm welcome to Downtown Woodstock. {after}

Our photos from the talented Krisztina Crane:

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us to experience the vibe yourself. Thanks for reading, Azie

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