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At Work? At Play!

So my last post was a pretty picture…and the image is stunning and the shop looks amazing and I am like a pretty bird, fluffed for show. HOWEVER the “real life” me is more like this:

When the awesome local photographer came (CHELO KEYS), the rain had ruined my hair and she commented not to fret because I had “artist hair.” HA! Nice way of putting it. She was fantastic and I love the images she shared with me so I will be posting the edited versions here soon. (Read: versions without me)

I have always loved the quote I added to the picture…it so speaks to me! Does it resonate with you? Sometimes I feel like what I can offer to the world seems a bit superficial…although I know in my heart that creating a haven for my customers (or helping them create their own) is of such great importance to our mental/emotional health. We need safety and comfort and a place we can be ourselves. We need an outlet for expression and designing and painting has given us just that. One of my super talented fellow Stockists calls Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan “therapy in a can” and I couldn’t agree more!

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