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Annual Conference in New Orleans

You may have noticed that Ari (Montclair) and Louis (New York City) were on their own for almost a week while Travis & I were attending the Annual Conference for Unfolded in New Orleans.

**For those that don’t know, Unfolded is the USA Distributor of Annie Sloan products. Did you know our Chalk Paint® is made in America? Cool, right? Even though Annie Sloan invented this amazing product over 25 years ago, her recipe is created at an American factory for her North American Stockists (the British word for retailer).**

Unfolded is based out of New Orleans and hosted the conference so we took advantage of timing and went to Jazz Fest to play a little before our work week began. We saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing a few songs, including Under the Bridge which really took me back to Junior High! Travis ate his fill of fried festival treats and I enjoyed some African textile shopping for the shop. Couldn’t resist!

If you follow us on Instagram you saw all my #nola pics – we really were living it up!

The Annual Conference was really wonderful. We met with other Stockists (there were over 200 of us) and watched presentations and listened to guest panels regarding our industry. We are so very fortunate to be a part of this supportive group of individuals and we learned so much PLUS there is some exciting news to be shared *very* soon!! (I know, I am such a tease.)

Here’s a snapshot of Travis & I at the Closing Party our final night in Nola. Look how well rested we appear to be. What a treat! 

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