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A Visual Share…Design on a Dime NYC 2018

We were selected as a featured designer for Design on a Dime NYC 2018. Some of you may remember the event we participated in from last year. In case you missed it, here is an article from Baristanet explaining what the fundraiser is all about.

We helped to raise over 1.2 million dollars for Housing Works this year! Seriously an amazing feat. Being chosen as a featured designer is a huge honor and privilege and one I dont take for granted. I hustled hard to receive my 37K in donations this year. My generous donors included: Bend Goods, AVE Home, Paddy Cohn, Katie Kime, Swoon, Marie St Victor, The Pillow Studio, Niroma Studio, Lisa Palombo, Dymline, Modclair, ZGallerie, Matthew Studios, Archive New York, Nest Studio, Sweet Home Montclair, DOWEL Furniture and Base Modern.

My themed vignette was called “Alchemical Romance” and it explored the concept of Self Love & how beauty radiates from within you when you begin loving yourself.

Take a closer look here:

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