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1 Year Anniversary!

Today marks our 1 year Anniversary (or Shop Birthday) of our East Village location! It’s been such a surreal journey…

I have so much to say but am rendered speechless with emotion at the moment so I will come back to this when the words flow more organically.

Just know that we have invested our time, heart and soul into our {verdigreen} brand and are genuinely deeply grateful for your support and encouragement through it all. We would not be here without your kindness and commitment to our small family business.

We are also thankful for Annie Sloan and her team at Unfolded for encouraging us to grow as artists and bring brand awareness to the best city in the world. Bringing Chalk Paint® to New York City was such a dream come true and though we are still finding our place in the DIY and design community here it has been extremely rewarding to be recognized for our efforts. **We have some really cool projects in the works in NYC using Annie Sloan products and we can’t wait to share them with you!**

With Love,

Azie & the {verdigreen} family 

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