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Annie Sloan Wax – Tinting Soft Wax & Dark Wax

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Annie Sloan developed her own version of a furniture finishing wax specifically to work with her Chalk Paint®. She calls it Soft Wax – it is smoother and softer than the paste wax you’ll find in your local hardware store & non-yellowing unlike the others. We LOVE her Soft Wax and use it to finish all of our painted furniture in our shops! Despite its name, it hardens to a durable long-lasting surface once it cures on your painted piece. *You may sometimes hear us refer to it as her Clear Wax in order to differentiate between it and the Dark Wax.* Here is some info on how to use Annie Sloan Wax.

Sometimes, I like to get fancy with my Annie Sloan wax. I love the look of layers on my paint projects and one way to achieve this look is to TINT Soft Wax with Chalk Paint®. Talk about a quick and easy way to give instant results! The frame below was painted in Annie Sloan Provence then waxed with TINTED Soft Clear Wax in Scandinavian Pink. I typically add approximately 5 drops of paint to 1 tablespoon of wax (but rarely do I actually measure this.) I then stipple the tinted wax into the details of my project (in this case, Ari did it on our vintage frame) and then lightly wipe off the excess on the flat surfaces. Such an easy technique and a fun way to embellish already painted furnishings!

Another way to tint your wax is to add a lighter color to Dark Wax. Dark Wax on its own is quite beautiful and can provide dramatic aging if used full strength. I love lightly feathering it on my furniture to give just a hint of shadowing but sometimes the amber-tinted wax is too dark for my the look I am trying to achieve. I was playing around at the shop a few weeks ago and tried something new – I added Old White to my Dark Wax and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! See my video here: Tinting Dark Wax

If you have any questions about how to use Annie Sloan wax, visit your local Stockist! We are all certified (and continuously trained) to use her products. Annie Sloan supports small indie shops – when you purchase Chalk Paint® products, you are supporting a family business & we appreciate your support! Find your Stockist here.

To purchase your wax online for pick-up at one of our shops or UPS delivery click here.

Happy Painting Waxing!

<3 Azie

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