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Annie Sloan Wax Brush – The Lowdown

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Every day we are asked the question, “do I really need a wax brush? ” We love being able to explain the benefits and give our customers options for their projects so we thought we’d help our readers do the same!

The Elusive Annie Sloan Wax Brush: here’s what you need to know.

It comes in two sizes: Small + Large. The Small has an ergonomic comfort handle and the Large gets the job done quickly for oversized projects (or hands!)

It is made in Italy, along with all of the Annie Sloan brushes, by a family of brush makers for several generations. High quality natural bristles and a beautiful wood handle.

It is an investment brush but it will save you time and product so worth every penny! If you are waxing by hand, I promise you that you are applying more wax than needed thus wiping off and wasting excess. (Also you are likely using more energy and elbow-grease than required.)

To use it, swirl the tapered tip of the wax brush in your tin of wax (about 1/2 tablespoon of wax) then gently sweep the brush tip along the surface of your painted piece. Keep brushing it along your surface until it no longer deposits wax easily. Chalk Paint is matte and will absorb the wax it needs. The rest is excess so immediately wipe it off with a lint free cloth. Continue this process a small section at a time (about the size of a small drawer.) One well-applied coat of wax is perfect however we do two coats on projects like dining tables and kitchen cabinets to ensure a solid coating. Buffing is optional and can be done as soon as you’ve wiped off the excess. Just apply light pressure and a little friction to the surface of your waxed piece with a soft clean towel.

To wash it, we like to use Scrubby Soap however warm water and a grease –cutting mild dish detergent (such as Dawn) works wonders! We beg you, do not use anything like paint thinner because despite cleaning your brush, it will create dry, brittle bristles and shorten the lifespan of your tool.

We hope this informational post was helpful.

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