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You Can’t Sit With Us – a Private *cheeky* Workshop

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We had a good time today at our one-on-one workshop.

Our student wanted to learn how to Decoupage and one of my favorite techniques is to layer decoupaged paper with Annie Sloan Craqueleur then wax, so that’s what we did!

Here’s a mini tutorial on how to achieve this look at home.

  1. We started with a raw wood craft store box – chose our Chalk Paint colors and Cavallini papers – and got to work! (ahem, play)

2. Paint your box (one is painted in Old White, the other in Chateau Grey for those of you referencing colors.)

3.Rip or cut out the desired design from your paper. We used Cavallini gift wrap because we carry it at the shop and its beautiful and easy but you can also use paper napkins or other types of craft papers.

4. Use Annie Sloan Decoupage with a sponge brush – both under and over the paper – liberally then thoroughly dry.

  1. Paint Step 1 of your Craqueleur over the entire surface, blow dry, then paint Step 2 of your Craqueleur over the entire surface and blow dry again.

  2. In order to see the cracks, we used Dark Wax and Black Wax (ever so slightly thinned with mineral spirits over top) to create an aged look then wiped back

Voila! A beautiful “old” art box has been created in under 20 minutes! Could make a great gift box for a special someone or use this same technique in a practical way on a larger piece of furniture. The possibilities are endless.

We hope you enjoyed our DIY Tutorial.

Visit us at our YouTube page for videos or in person at our Montclair shop for a real life demo.

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