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Watercolors with Annie Sloan

We love playing with paint at {verdigreen} in our Design Studio Makers’ Space! Recently, a designer needed a custom lampshade for a client so it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate the watercolor technique with our Chalk Paint® palette – inspired by the Pantone Color(s) of the Year.

To do this at home, add ample water (we used 2:1 water to paint) to a cup of paint & wash over a natural fabric lampshade (this started out as a creamy natural linen color), allowing the paint to drip down organically. If you start from the bottom and paint in horizontal sections as you go up, you will achieve the effect below. Then air dry. Simple as that! Chalk Paint® acts as a fabric dye so there is no need to seal the lampshade as it will cure and become colorfast. (Remember with these projects that the variations in paint strength will be revealed once the lamp is on if the shade is transparent.)

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