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Tinting with Old White

Have you ever looked at Antibes Green (or any of Annie Sloan’s other rich, deep hues) and wondered what it would look like lightened up a bit? If you have come into our shop, you have likely seen our “Pantone strip” wall of Florence lightened with Pure White. We also have the handiest visuals of each Annie Sloan color tinted with Old White with 2:1, 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4 ratios. Customers are welcome to peruse them at their leisure, or snap iPhone shots of them to take home…so we thought we may as well share a snapshot here to inspire you to consider tinting yourself!

The possibilities are endless but hopefully this will get you started. You can do this with Graphite to make grey shades, also!

As always, love where you live. Shop local. And THANK YOU for your support! We are a small family business and appreciate your patronage more than you know. You are investing in our dream & we are grateful.

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