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The Tutorialist – Cold Weather Tips

Cold Weather Chalk Paint® Tips

Chalk Paint ® is relatively low maintenance if you make sure to keep your quart properly closed and clean (gunky buildup on the rim of your quart prevent it from properly sealing). Here are just a few tips for maintaining a happy quart in cold Winter months.

In general as a guide for where you store paint, keep it somewhere you wouldn’t mind being yourself. If you’re storing your paint in your basement/attic/garage, make sure the temperatures remain steady. Extreme heat and cold aren’t good for you OR your paint as they can alter the integrity.  

Chalk Paint® has a limited amount of times that it can freeze and thaw. If your paint does freeze, it’s okay the first couple of times. It’ll thaw gradually (no need to heat it) and until it reaches room temperature, it’ll be considerably thicker at the bottom. The top will be foamy and thin. Take a stir stick and a bit of elbow grease and eventually your quart will be back to a normal consistency.

Colder temperatures also may mean that it’s time to take your painting inside. If furniture is too cold, the paint may not properly adhere, causing your finish to look inconsistent. Annie’s products are non-toxic so painting indoors is not problematic & clean up is a breeze!

The plus to winter? All the fun chalkboard ideas! Try some of these cute cold weather themed slogans around your house to make your space more festive. To learn how to DIY your own chalkboard with Chalk Paint®, read here.

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