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The Trend Report: Chalk Paint® with a Modern Twist

Is Chalk Paint ® Only For Rustic Looks?

One of the questions we hear about Chalk Paint® is if it can only be used for rustic looks where distressing and Dark Wax are involved. However, Chalk Paint is entirely versatile. There doesn’t have to be texture & aging & distressing if that’s not within your aesthetic preferences.

Smooth and modern finishes are easy to achieve and all that is needed beyond your regular supplies is water, sandpaper, and a gentle hand.

The most helpful step for minimizing brushstrokes in to add water either by dampening your brush or by adding a bit of water directly to your paint. It’ll thin out the coverage so with colors with pigments that are less potent (yellows, reds, whites), it may require a few more coats than usual to get full opacity.

Step 1. Dampened your brush (there is a bit more control when you add water this way, rather than adding water to your paint and risking adding too much). Your brush should be damp to the touch, but not sopping wet.

Note: Annie Sloan did design a line of synthetic brushes for modern finishes, but the natural boar bristles can accomplish the look as well.

Step 2. Start with a really light and sheer coat. Go with the grain of the wood and paint with long, steady brush strokes. Allow to dry.

Step 2. Paint your second coat, a bit more solidly, but again keeping mindful to go along with the grain with long strokes. Allow to fully dry. Fifteen minutes tend to be more than an ample drying buffer as thin coats dry a bit quicker.

Step 3.  Lightly sand down in the opposite direction that you painted in. Light sanding is just gently sweeping the sand paper, or sanding block over the surface. Not a lot of effort is needed and the sanding should never turn into distressing (where you’re aiming to reveal underlying coats of color.) Use a high grit sandpaper (220-400) for any sanding.

Step 4. Paint your last coat in the same technique as before. Allow to dry.

Step 5. Dip your sandpaper in water to soften it. Let it stand for a few minutes. Lightly sand against your brushstrokes. Keep the pressure light. Water reactivates Chalk Paint®!

Step 6. Wait until surface is fully dry and then apply Clear Wax.

Step 7. Appreciate how soft and smooth your surface is. Want a bit more of a sheen? Add a second coat of wax the following day, then wait overnight once more and buff out your surface.

Want some inspiration for modern looks to try? Check out some of these looks. Caution: You may want to start painting ASAP, once you look through these inspiration boards.

(above: English Yellow curtesy of Barb at Unfolded)


**Chidi is our New York City {verdigreen} shop manager & has a background in Fashion and Design. She will be writing The Trend Report for {verdigreen}

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