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The Beauty of Sample Pots

Those familiar with Annie Sloan products will note that her Chalk Paint® range comes in two sizes: 32 ounce (quarts) and 4 ounce (sample pots). We are often asked “how far” the paint goes and since I have personally used it for the past 5 years, I am pretty confident in my assessment (with or without the measurements on the label.) I can paint a chair, several frames, or a small table (think nightstand or end table) with 1 4 ounce Sample Pot. I can typically paint 4 average-sized dressers with 1 32 ounce quart.

There are many images out there – I will post one below – from people who have painted “x amount of pieces” with one sample pot or quart as shown here:

Mixing with Sample Pots: What I like to explain is that sample pots are also excellent for mixing. If you purchase two 4 oz. sample pots, you should have enough paint to complete a medium sized dresser! Here are some examples of color mixes from Stockist –  Green Table Gifts. The difference in color on each board is Clear Wax, 50/50 Clear plus Dark Wax, and Dark Wax:

Color mixing is simple – something you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with! We are always available to show you how at the shop – just ask.

Another way to use Sample Pots: I used a sample pot of Graphite to stencil my hallway (and still had some left!) so think “out of the pot” if you will when it comes to using Chalk Paint® at home. Check out our stenciled hall below:

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