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I grew up listening to John Anderson’s “We Were Swingin'” on my folks’ record player. It was a 45 and I’d play it over and over whilst passionately crooning along to lyrics about fried chicken and first loves. I was *maybe* 7 years old but I distinctly recall wanting to be Charlotte Johnson & having a boy swoon over me so. It’s only fitting that this was my go-to song on my mental playlist when I was literally swinging on my front porch swing in Atlanta. I painted that wooden swing in Cream Chalk Paint® and it lasted through Atlanta’s wettest then coldest then snowiest seasons ever (according to the weather gal) and still looked brand new. You can see it here in pics of our home (we just sold a few months ago) in Atlanta. I miss swinging my babies in that porch swing! My most recent outdoor paint project were these old metal patio chairs I painted in Country Grey Chalk Paint® for my Montclair front porch – such a quick and easy transformation to bring them back to their former glory:

For outdoor furniture there is no need to wax (you don’t want to wax anywhere exposed to heat) and Chalk Paint® cures so once it’s set, it’s a durable and beautiful option for outdoor items such as furniture, pots, railings, even concrete. There is a lovely stockist named Robyn in Tampa who painted her parking spots and they weather Floridian thunderstorms!

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