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Retail Display

I am BIG into windows. I love the natural light and I love the invitation they give as you walk past a storefront. So much can be said by a window display and truthfully, I’d love to spend all day on our own at the shop but the reality is I have little time to dedicate to that these days….SO….I was thrilled to “take 5” from the usual bustle of the shop and spend some time daydreaming up our most recent display.

My theme was “creativity-induced wanderlust” – is that a real theme? I don’t know, but we did it.

I found a rusty vintage bicycle and we mixed up some Chalk Paint® colors to paint right on the metal (& rubber tires, too!). Our shop gal, Ari, yarn-bombed the wheels by wrapping a beautiful ombre blue yarn in between each spoke to give it some playful texture & movement. I added a rubberized basket we painted (which adhered perfectly!) and with a tin of Chalk Paint® inside & the bicycle was complete.

Then we took a pendant paper lantern, glued the heck out of some batting & attached it in rosettes directly onto the paper then plugged it in to make an ambient cloud lamp. It is SO sweet when it’s lit!

I hung a birch log with hanging tissue paper wisteria one side of the window and flanking the other beam we hung hand-dyed coffee filter garlands. The bicycle rests atop paper grass from Beistle – a party supply company that makes great nostalgic fluff ‘n’ stuff.

We painted an arrow to hang – it reads “Go Get Lost” and we wrote in the window with Chalk Paint®, “Prone to Wander.” It was fun to let loose and be creative with the display & I hope it inspires you to do something unexpected with your paint projects.

Come see it in person at 182 Glenridge Ave in Montclair, NJ OR visit our NYC location at 122 E. 7th St and see our other window design we created using painted clothespins and paper cherry blossoms.

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