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Rescue. Rehab. Redesign. Repeat.

I am a rescuer. A huge part of the appeal of upcycling for me is the treasure hunt. Saving something from a fate of being thrown out or used for kindling just feels good. I feel like a bit of a hero, and I really shouldn’t, but it helps my self-esteem, so…

My steps are as follows:

  1. Rescue

  2. Rehab

  3. Redesign

  4. Repeat

When customers come into our shop (or purchase our vintage upcycled furnishings on Etsy) they allow me to continue doing what I love. Rescuing. Rehabbing. Redesigning. And I’d like to give them a nod because they are making a concerted effort to purchase something from a maker who is supporting her family with her trade. THEY are the real heroes. THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. 


Azie at {verdigreen}

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