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Procraftination Project – Winter Wonderland

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I have issues. With time and stuff. I want so badly to use my time wisely and spread my work out in a way that keeps things from becoming overwhelming, but the reality is I have two young boys to raise and a shop to keep so my work gets put off until absolutely necessary. And THEN when I am down to the wire, I opt to create something to kick-start my working mojo. And to be honest, it works like a charm every time. So IN YOUR FACE, judgey me who wondered what on earth I was doing as I began this project.

What you will need:

*An open frame *Foam board *Chalk Paint® *Chalk *Honeycomb Trees *Sanding Block *Craft Glue *White Flocking

I cut my foam board to fit within the open frame and drew a quick sketch of what the hills should look like then began painting in a few custom greens in gradient hues. Once dry (in like 5 minutes) I glued the trees on then added a bit of snow with flocking powder. Once dry (in another 5 minutes) I used a fine grit sanding block to add a bit of dimension to the painted hills. I drew a couple quick mini stars in the sky & it was a wrap! So quick and easy….seriously it took more time to dream this up and get the supplies out than it did to actually create it.

Now this precious project sits in the shop window, greeting passerby’s and warning of a snowy forecast.

Have fun flocking! *tee hee*


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