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Party Ideas

We just hosted the CUTEST Alice in Wonderland inspired Birthday party for our customer’s 8-year-old daughter last week! Here’s our sneak peek photo share:

When our customer (whom I adore – she is not only a big supporter of {verdigreen} but a talented painter and a loving momma) asked to throw her daughter’s party at the shop and she told us the theme, I may or may not have SQUEALED IN DELIGHT because I am SUCH an Alice in Wonderland fan girl (as is Ari, our Shop Girl in Montclair.)

I put together a list of 10 craft ideas that would coordinate with her theme…including the one pictured above. I came up with it myself but after perusing the internet I found similar alternatives out there so perhaps I wasn’t the “Toad Stool” Pioneer I thought I was!

Each guest received an IKEA stool. We then punched holes from repositionable vinyl and they added them randomly to the seat. The guests chose a Chalk Paint® color (we chose Emperor’s Silk above) and painted a couple coats on the seat over the circles. We then peeled off the vinyl and voila! Toad stool! In ours, above, we sealed it with wax although that’s not necessary for this project.

We will post more photos of this ridiculously cute themed party soon! Check back.

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