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Paint Project – Stenciling Wallpaper with Chalk Paint

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Our design firm (fringe) was hired to redesign the signature suites at The Lexington Hotel in NYC. One of the suites, The Godfrey, needed a masculine treatment to a bedroom wall…but we weren’t feeling a new wallpaper so we chose a Royal Design Stencil, mixed  Giverny & Napoleonic Blue and created our own!

Here are a few shots of the room – it’s not fully “zhuzhed” yet in the photos but you can get a sense of the stenciled wall and how beautifully our Annie Sloan paint performed on wallpaper:

One of our favorite qualities of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it can literally paint everything! It’s ability to bond and cure to almost any surface made it the ideal candidate for the project. Pro-tip: the key to a crisp stencil is “off loading” your paint brush on a paper towel so the bristles are almost dry and apply the paint very thin thus no bleeding!

See me in action here in this time-lapse video I posted to instagram. Let us know if you have ever painted wallpaper and if you have any questions about replicating this project at home!

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