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Paint Project – French Provincial in French Linen

We have been on our Annual Winter Break so in between family trips and visits, I’ve headed to the shop to finish up some projects we started before the holidays.

Today I put the finishing touches on this French Provincial headboard. When we rescued it, the wood was in bad shape and I knew it needed painting. Rather than go Bohemian, I opted for a simple finish courtesy of Annie Sloan’s magical Chalk Paint®. We began with a layer of Cream followed by Paris Grey then Artisan Enhancements Crackle Tex and a top coat of French Linen. It sounds like several steps but it’s really just 3 coats of paint in different Frenchy colors and a layer of medium that cracks the finish a bit. (You can also achieve this look by blow drying thickly applied Chalk Paint®.)

Once the paint was dry we mixed Mineral Spirits with Annie Sloan Dark Wax to loosen it and create a glaze to wipe over the cracks to really bring out the dimension in this old, loved piece. I love highlighting with my shadows so I took some leftover Pure White and created a wash by adding water to it and rubbing it over the surface in some areas.

Its final look is loved & layered, Gustavian Grey, French and femme. See it here or in our shop in Montclair.I will be in and out all week if you need to stop in for paint, just call the Hotline!

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