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Paint Display

Just as soon as we had unloaded our paint quarts from the truck to the paint display, our display sold! A lovely local customer came in, took one look at the bookcase, and decided to turn it into a custom desk for her dining room.

I love the final look!

And I enjoy the treasure hunt so after a week of searching I found two replacement bookcases that I am working on transforming with Chalk Paint® now. The first bookcase (below) is painted in Emperor’s Silk & Napoleonic Blue for a Nautical look. In the meantime, our paint covers every surface of the shop…which is kinda nice, really…but I am looking forward to reorganizing so I am quicker at finding what you need when you come in.

It’s done! I thought I’d share the end result while I paint the second bookcase (in a much bolder color combo, btw.) I am loving the Nautical look here and how cute my mini canvases are in front of each quart of paint. We have stir sticks, painted wood moldings, and now the mini canvases with the color palette so customers can see how they translate on different surfaces.

The Paint Bar was revamped yesterday and once the second bookcase is painted & waxed I will have a dedicated “home” for paint brushes, waxes, books, and …. Annie Sloan’s fabulous fragrance line (coming in this weekend!) Hurray!

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