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Layering & Learning to let go

Sometimes we have the best intentions in life…we lay the groundwork, we make our plans, & occasionally life takes us in an unexpected direction. Over time, I’ve learned in order to embrace our lives for what they are, we have to be able to let go a little.

There are two teachers of this concept in my life: 1) motherhood and 2) redesigning vintage furniture/shop ownership. Seems unlikely, but learning to “roll with it” after having a specific idea about a finish has served me well. 

Take, for example, this sweet French Provincial dresser. My original plan involved a subtle subdued palette of whites and worn wood. There was a wee misunderstanding in the shop about which drawers to pull & we ended up with a killer Aubusson & Florence mix as the base color instead. Rather than painting over it in white, we color washed it with Tricycle Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed. Once we realized how bold it was, we lightly sanded & directly applied a Dark Wax glaze. After some Gold Gilding, she was complete & I couldn’t picture her any other way!

Roll with those happy accidents!

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