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The Tutorialist – Dark + Dramatic

Our client wasn’t able to find a vanity for her powder room that worked finish-wise so she purchased a brand new one and hired us to custom paint it.

When it arrived newly unboxed to the shop, we were taken aback by the factory finish. It looked as if it were sprayed with a white plastic over the solid wood construction, similar to a thermafoil finish. We took this baby from fake to faux!

Here’s how we did it: wipe down the piece of furniture you are painting. No sanding or priming is required when using Chalk Paint as long as the surface finish isn’t peeling. The original finish was a plasticy white and not very appealing. 

  1. Once the piece is wiped off, apply Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in GRAPHITE. Use an Annie Sloan Natural Brush, dip the tips of the bristles into your paint, and base coat your piece with thin brushstrokes with the grain. The 1st coat does not need to be fully opaque. Allow some of the original finish to peek through, let it dry 30-40 minutes, and repeat the step so you have two thin coats of graphite for an opaque paint finish.

  2. Once the paint is fully dry, wax the piece…this means apply the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax in Black over the entire piece using an Annie Sloan Wax brush in small sections. Immediately wipe off the excess wax with a lint-free cloth or Blue Shop Towel. For extra sheen, we buffed the wax (friction: either fast or with pressure) with a clean Shop Towel once we were done removing the excess wax.

  3. Apply the Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Bright Silver for the final touch! We used our fingers to apply it on the high points but you can use a small brush also if you prefer. Voila! Magnifique!

We really love how this piece turned out!  If you recreate this look, tag us on Instagram so we can see!

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