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So easy a kid can do it!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Today we are sharing a Before & After our {verdigreen} shop elves did.

So, full disclosure: my boys have grown up furniture picking and painting so they have more than typical kid-experience choosing color and painting. We bought a pine IKEA Rast dresser to organize their bedroom before school starts & my big guy decided he wanted to use the new Annie Sloan color, Giverny. (This made my little guy upset as Giverny wasn’t out yet when he painted his IKEA dresser but I digress.)

He chose Giverny for the top drawer, Napoleonic Blue for the bottom, and a mix of the two for the middle drawer. Then we added Pure White to the mix to paint the frame of the dresser and Pure White to Napoleonic Blue to paint the base. We love how it came out! Bright and bold and fun. Up close it’s a pretty haphazard paint job but I let it be because they were so proud of themselves. I added the knobs to give it some more personality and now it fits right in with their retro themed room.

Honestly, Chalk Paint® is so easy a kid can do it! But not only that, it is non-toxic so they are safe using it and the clean up is so easy I wasn’t worried about the paint getting on our kitchen floor. Have you painted with your kids yet? Share your projects with us:

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