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Malachite Dreams

We are feeling grateful for our newest interior design client because her commercial space project is right up our aesthetic alley! Her vision for the space is “Enchanted Forest” which could not be more our jam.

Since she is an Energy Healer (Shaman) we proposed a Malachite finish on the ceiling of her healing nook – and naturally she was all about it! We documented the process, step by step, below:

Her new space:

Mixing the base coat – Duck Egg & Florence:

Base coat painted on the ceiling:

Beginning the Malachite process with Amsterdam Green, Florence, & Duck Egg in custom mixes – spread on then scraped off:

Progress is made, MICA is added to Scumble to create sparkle:

And now the reveal:

Almost done! Waiting for paint to dry in order to clear coat it and add more sparkle:

We hope you enjoyed seeing the process! Come see us in the shop or purchase your own Annie Sloan products here.

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