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Seasonal Decor Idea – Chalk Painted Pumpkins

We love a quick and easy DIY project!

We started with foam pumpkins from the craft store and created three different designs:

  1. Graphite Basecoat with chalk marker hand-lettering & spiderweb

  2. Paris Grey Basecoat with “watercolored” Chalk Paint® (for this we watered our paint down significantly by 80% and spritzed it through a spray bottle)

  3. Old White and Graphite Basecoats with “mud cloth” inspired painted designs using Annie’s detail brushes

There’s so many different designs you can create for your painted pumpkins – there’s no limit to the concepts on Pinterest – and using Annie Sloan paint makes it easy because it bonds to everything and dries quickly – plus it’s outdoor approved if you want to use the painted pumpkins outside – no waxing required.

Feel free to bring your pumpkin to the shop and discuss colors and ideas with us! We love helping inspire our customers & are here to answer all your technical questions, too.

(painted pumpkins below were designed by verdigreen and hand painted by the lovely briana!)

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