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Craqueleur – or how zee French say “Crackle” y’all

I will admit I am not a faux “crackle” gal…it reminds me of crafty overly-intentionally-aged (that’s a word) “Olde Worlde” reproductions that sit, outdated, at big box furniture stores. However I luuuuuuuuurve a good REAL crackle. When there is crackle in old paint it makes me giddy! So I was skeptical about how I would incorporate Annie Sloan’s Craqueluer into my redesigned furniture and our trainer, Barb (i heart her), said that in small doses it really adds a beautiful dimension…but I was a wee bit nervous to experiment on a “real” piece. I remedied that. REAL quick. After today’s project I can not WAIT to use it on a dresser or table or chair. Be forewarned, you will feel similarly.

Like a million other folks, when Nate Berkus (meow) released his Target line of home decor years back, I snatched up a few items I thought would work with my existing eclectic vintage Bohemian look. One of those items was this turtle shell:

I didn’t love the muted mustard hue so I spray painted it with a gilty gold lacquer and had it hanging until I came to my senses. It was too oversized to be SO shiny in the small hallway it hung in…so I took it down and brought it to the shop knowing I would paint it eventually.

Today was that day. My adorable, helpful summer intern Kelly & I painted it with Old White Chalk Paint® (right on top of shiny lacquer), used Craqueler (a quick & easy two step process), then dark waxed it lightly all over. Look how magnificent! It’s so cool and subtle and organic now and I just love how it’s a statement without being in yo’ face about it’s coolness factor.

We covered the entire shell in the product however on a piece of furniture you could be more selective…it was such a slight crackle that without the wax it just looked like Alligator Skin. I have the Craqueleur at our workshops – sign up and come play. Like Annie says, “endless possibilities!”

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