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Color Me Happy with BARCELONA ORANGE

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I live a colorful life & love it when my customers come in and ask for something other than white. Don’t get me wrong, a white, light airy aesthetic is so pleasing and calming…I even have an all neutral room at home (our master bedroom) despite how Boho I am everywhere else. However a bold pop of color feels ALIVE and rich and as the kids say “literally gives me life.”

When Tom & Vicki (my awesome friends who are equally awesome customers) said that they were finally ready to paint a dresser orange (for their sweet son who has been asking for over a year), I felt my heart race. Barcelona Orange would be PERFECT and I had just the petite, vintage Federal-style dresser for the job!

Needless to say, they have become old pros at painting with Chalk Paint®, waxing, and gilding and this picture tells it all:

Is there a daring color you want to play with? Follow us on Facebook here and instagram here. And stay inspired.



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