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BIG news! And painting our hearts out.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve heard the news: We are opening a 2nd location! Visit us this Spring ’15 in the East Village, Manhattan. *pinch me!*

Mr. {verdigreen} has officially become a trained Stockist and {verdigreen}nyc will be his haven, like our Montclair location is for me. **See below for a pic of him putting his new techniques to good use.** We are VERY excited to bring our treasures and Chalk Paint® to NYC. His dream – which he told me on our very first date about 10 years ago – has been to open a vintage shop, so it has been surreal fulfilling it together. His style is a bit different than mine so while our current {verdigreen} location is Bohemian Eclectic, his shop focus will be a bit more Retro Modern Industrial. And of course, he will carry ALL of Annie Sloan’s fabulous products. It’s about time NYC gets a Stockist!!

In the meantime, I’ve been painting a LOT to prep the new studio space in Montclair for our upcoming Grand Opening. Take a look at how Chalk Paint® looks on walls…I’m in LOVE! I explain my techniques on Instagram but for those of you just visiting the website, here you go:

For this wall, I painted with Graphite Chalk Paint® (only used 1/2 a quart & used a roller) then I used Dark Wax  (with a brush) to create tone-on-tone stripes. I buffed the stripes with a buffing brush from SIFF to give them some sheen. Buffing a wall whilst perched on an 8ft ladder is probably my least favorite activity ever but it was SO worth it! In evening light, it looks like velvet! So luxe. The last step was to use the Raj Trellis stencil by Royal Designs (which we carry in the shop) and King Gold Gilding Wax (also carried in the shop) to create the gorgeous golden pattern. I just painted with my finger! Easiest stenciling EVER, promise.

For this wall, I wanted to show Florence Tones so the first section on the left is Florence Chalk Paint® on its own then each section thereafter  is Florence + Pure White Chalk Paint® getting gradually lighter. Then I bought this awesome Mid Century vinyl sofa & painted it with Chalk Paint® also. Getting crazy! Chalk Paint® is great on vinyl and leather and paints most fabrics as well. Endless possibilities! To achieve this gorgeous rich coral color, I mixed equal parts of Emperor’s Silk, Burgundy, English Yellow, & Barcelona Orange then a touch of Pure White. In this photo I haven’t waxed yet so it’ll have a slight sheen and a soft patina once I do. This wall is my homage to our wedding in Bermuda – our colors were aqua and coral. <3

This is the “Kids’ Wall” – painted in Graphite Chalk Paint® which acts as a great chalkboard surface if you paint 3 coats then “prime” with chalk prior to writing on it. I used English Yellow, Antibes Green, and Florence to add polka dots. Then my kiddies painted the open antique frame in Pure White and I affixed it to the wall with Command Strips. I bought some paper honeycomb decor from Ikea and added them also because I am nutty like that. Hopefully the kids that visit the studio space see it as a welcoming playful play place.

I never imagined we’d be expanding x2 at this point, but we are seizing opportunities and opening our minds to new possibilities for our family. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support & we are filled with gratitude for every one of you who reads the website, orders online, visits us in the shop, and sends positivity our way.

My mental wheels are always spinning and conjuring up dreamy plans so this expanded space in Montclair is going to provide all of us (you, included) with a place to play with paint and further explore your inner DIYer. We will have open studio time in addition to an ongoing calendar of workshops plus LOTS of new products to try. I am seriously giddy because I’ve been working on this for MONTHS and we are nearly there! I’ll post another update soon as we make more progress. Thanks to all of my customers who have been patiently awaiting new workshops and more open space.

We are off to take a break from painting to play in the snow.



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