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Before & After – Marble Top Custom Table Finish

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

A dear friend of mine, Jenna, owns a local boutique called Little Black Dress. It’s on Church Street in Montclair and she carries the cutest, feminine clothing. After moving into her new location, she realized her existing table felt too dark and heavy so she asked if I would custom finish it for her. She chose the “gold base, marble top” look that is trending right now as her finish.

Here was the “before” — a espresso wood finish:

We first painted it entirely in Paris Grey as a “primer” for the metallic and marble. Then we painted the top in Pure White (full coverage – three light coats) and the base in a Modern Masters Metallic called “Gold Rush”:

Next, we added Paris Grey back in to the marble top by mixing it with Scumble to create a glaze, brushing it on, and swirling it off with a cloth to create some shadows:

Last, we spritzed the table top with water, used a fine detail brush to add Graphite veins (which the water blurred to create a softer line), and once it was dry, we sealed it with Clear Wax (this photo was taken before the wax):

We will share a pic of it in its new home once Jenna sends us an updated one!

Such an fun project to be a part of. We are so lucky to be able to collaborate with other local businesses and we love the opportunity to customize and beautify their lives.

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