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Artisan Enhancements

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Artisan Enhancements is a range of DIY mediums that are non-toxic and work well with Annie Sloan products. We carry the full line of Artisan Enhancements products in our shop & love having a chance to play with them. We often use them for our wall finishes and our most recent project is a perfect example!

We began with a freshly painted Benjamin Moore grey hue as our canvas. We were creating an accent wall in a study with 10 foot ceilings so we wanted a fun look without taking away from the sophistication of the space. Our client chose Royal Designs Tiger Stripe stencil as the pattern and we began first by placing the stencil into position, then painting thinned Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements through the stencil. Next we took a rubber wedge brush and troweled the Pearl Plaster thinly over the stencil, pushing it through in some areas to give extra texture. Lastly, we removed the stencil and hand painted additional stripes to complete the pattern. (This is optional but we liked the way it looked.)

Purchase Artisan Enhancements here.

Have you used the Artisan Enhancement range? What is your favorite product?

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Here is the room progression:

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